Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Port-a-Poo: Dog Walker's Must-Have!

I got this awesome gift for Christmas called the Port-A-Poo. I would totally recommend it to all dog walkers!

How it works:
Attach it to the leash (it screws on, so it's there to stay until you disassemble it)
When you've got a used poo bag, clip it into the Port-A-Poo!
Now you have a free hand and don't have to carry the poo bag!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas fun

Post written by Ellie:

This weekend was soooo busy! First, we went to boy's family's house and there were lots of people and I tried to chase the kitties! The people opened lots of paper, and they even gave me a squeak toy wrapped in paper that I got to unwrap all by myself!

And guess what else I got! Puppy Tweets! Follow me on Twitter @Ellie_dog and you'll see some of the crazy stuff it automatically posts :)

The next day was Christmas, and mom got me some awesome tennis balls that I chewed up in about 30 seconds! Me and mom had no idea, but boy also got me a stocking!
Me and my stocking! Also, I'm wearing my Puppy Tweets tag!
Yummmm... Pup-Peroni!
Wait... is that... CAT TREATS?!?
Yes. Boy's sister, who did the shopping, accidentally picked out cat treats for my stocking. Guess she couldn't tell the difference. Oh well, they still taste good!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Flying Trapeze

This is not dog related, but last night Jon and I used our Groupon for trapeze! It was super scary at first, but they walked us through all the moves and by the end, we got to do a "catch"!
It was sooo much fun and I would recommend anyone to do it.

Watch my quick 30 second video!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Yappy Hour Meetup

Happy dog
This morning, we went to my mom's for breakfast where Ellie got to play with my mom's Rat Terrier, Jaxson. They are both high energy so it was lots of fun for them.

I had gotten an e-mail from the Seattle Active Dogs meetup group about a Yappy Hour at Carnation Golf Course which is a long drive from our apartment, but relatively close to my mom's, so we all decided to go there together since the weather is absolutely beautiful today!

Well we got there 30-45 minutes after it started so there were lots of dogs when we got there, but it quickly cleared out. No worries though, because Ellie still had a blast running all over the golf course! The course was closed to golfers because it was super muddy and wet.
Ellie chases Jaxson

Ellie came back a muddy, happy, tired mess and she has a date with the bath tub later ;)

Update: My mom just e-mailed me pictures that she took with her nice camera.
Action shot!
Water break

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Results are in! Ellie's DNA broken down

A little while back, I got the opportunity to do a DNA test on Ellie. The shelter told me GSD mix but I had my suspicions since she has a very thin coat, is very small, and doesn't have the droopy hindside. By the lean look of her body, I had always thought Whippet mix.

Well test #1 results come back:
"In the mix - English Coonhound, Rottweiler, Pug"

Pug? ...
Oh well, I'll take it. Rottweiler somewhat explains her coloring.

A little later, I got another opportunity to perform a DNA test on Ellie through a different company. The results just came back a few nights ago and I'm excited to share that I was right!

Test #2 results:
Grandparents: Rottweiler + Cocker Spaniel Mix, Whippet Mix + Mixed Breed

So I would like to believe that this second test was more accurate. Plus they send you a really neat diagram that includes breed info so that you can learn a little more about the breeds that are supposedly in your dog. I would definitely recommend the Wisdom Panel DNA test! (Click the image below to see the full sized diagram)
Click to see the diagram larger

Friday, December 3, 2010

Lazy Friday

This post is written by Ellie!

Today is a lazy day. I've been sleeping at mom's feet all day long.
I like it when mom rubs my belly with her foot
My paw pushes my nose back so that my teeth show!
I start to fall asleep and my eyes roll back so I look like a dead dog