Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Day(s)!

Snowy day in Sculpture Park, Seattle
We were expecting a little bit of snow this week, but little did everyone know that it would turn into snowed in for 3 days! I've been home since after work on Tuesday and while I'm fortunate to be able to work from home, I do have a serious case of cabin fever! Did I mention that I've been stuck in my apartment for 3 days?

Ellie's been super bored as well. Each morning while I'm working, she paces the apartment and will stop and sit and just stare at me.

We've made it out on a few afternoon walks though, and I think she enjoys it a lot!
Ellie is keeping warm with her layers!
Snowman in the park
More park snowmen
Ellie says "get all this snow off of me!"

Did I mention that I've had a lot of time on my hands? I was smart to buy lots of yarn before the big storm, just in case.

I made an infinity scarf and leg warmers!

Ellie likes it too!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Pawesome Prizes from PetSafe

We entered a giveaway from PetSafe over the holidays and won some awesome prizes! This giant box mysteriously showed up yesterday and I had no idea what it was until I saw that it was addressed to Stacy and Ellie. Our prizes are here!
The box was as big as Ellie! (and she did not like standing there for this photo)
We got a heated pet bed! Looks a little small?

Also a couple of toys and treats and a filtering fountain!
Ellie's favorite was the squeaky toy which she took before I could get it out of the packaging!

It was quickly chewed to bits. Though somehow, the squeaker is still intact.

There were these special contraptions that dogs can lick for days and days because yummy bacon flavored liquid keeps coming out!

Well, maybe Ellie can fit in that bed. :)

Thank you so much PetSafe for the incredible gifts!
If you've never been to PetSafe's website, I encourage you to check them out because they have some awesome and innovative pet products - lots of necessity type of stuff, not just frilly toys and treats!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Dog Park Weekend

This weekend started off great because Chris and I did some apartment hunting! We expect to move in about a month and we are both really looking forward to it. :)

Ellie has been experiencing increasing separation anxiety lately and it is unfortunately accompanied by destructive behavior. So we have been stepping up our training to start working on manners.

She now has to wear a leash and walk right by my side everywhere we go, rather than being able to sprint down the hall unleashed when it's time for potty trips. She also has to sit and wait to go through doors, get on the elevator, etc. I'm hoping that tightening the reins will be a good first step towards teaching her that she doesn't run the show and always get her way!

The next step is desensitizing her to cues such as grabbing keys, zipping up a jacket or sweater, turning off the TV; all of which cause her to instantly shake like a leaf!

On the bright side, we made it back to the dog park this weekend! We haven't been there in a long time! My mom and step dad met us there with their three dogs (two Rat Terriers and one Beagle-Doxie mix). There were lots of dogs there and the weather was nice!
Panting from so much running!
Taking off to chase black dog. My mom's ratties Jackson and Dexter on the bottom.
Running back to mom after chasing black dog

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Beach Day of 2012

We had a very nice, relaxing long weekend compared to last weekend. With no real plans, we just did what we wanted! On Friday and Saturday, I walked to Pike Place Market and downtown to go shopping.

I also made some cupcakes to celebrate the new year. Chris, Ellie and I went outside to watch the fireworks shot off the Space Needle.
On New Year's day, we took a walk to the park which has a small beach. Ellie played tugs with sticks.

We are ready to take on 2012!