Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ellie's biggest fan

Yesterday, Ellie stayed home from work with Chris because he doesn't work Mondays. He ran a couple of errands so wasn't with her the whole day which is normal.

We just got a new fan in the bedroom, so I took the old box fan and set it up against the wall for now, like so:

But when I came home from work yesterday, I noticed it was all the way over by the bed, like this:

We thought nothing of it and put it back up against the wall.

But a few hours later, Chris came up to me with some tiny pieces of broken metal he found on the floor and asked if I knew what they were. I said no and he threw them away.

Later that night, I was petting Ellie and I noticed her dog tags were missing. Oh no! Then it hit me... I put all the clues together and figured her tags must have gotten caught in the fan (and she probably had quite a freak out-- that thing is as big as her!) and dragged it across the room until the metal ring finally broke and set her free. 

We later found the tags inside the fan and had to shake them loose!
Never a dull moment with a blind dog!!


  1. Ha! Oh poor Ellie! How scary for her, but also really funny, dog get themselves into the craziest situations!

  2. Poor Ellie. I can just imagine how scared she was not knowing what was hooked to her. Poor thing.