Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MIA, Hanging with Goldie

Sorry we have not been blogging or commenting lately, friends! Me and mom vow to try to spend more time keeping up with blogs now.

Me and mom have been going through lots of changes lately. I'm a very confused doggy and am not really sure what's going on, but things are different.

The good news is that my best friend Goldie stayed with us for a couple days. It was SO fun having a buddy over all the time, we played sooo much.
Me and Goldie snoozing
Mom liked it that we kept each other company, but she was also a little bit glad to give Goldie back. Goldie gets up in the middle of the night and jingles her collar lots which kept waking up mom (and I have to deal with mom's crankiness!)
Me checking out the new view

Friday, February 4, 2011

My Mystery Mutt - Guess Her Breed!

Inspired by Pup Fan (I Still Want More Puppies), Edie (Will My Dog Hate Me) and Peggy (Peggy's Pet Place), I have decided to join the Magical Mystery Mutt Tour! Your task is to guess which breed(s) Ellie is made up of! I have done DNA tests before so don't look back and cheat, but also those aren't always accurate. So use your doggy knowledge and make your best guess!

Ellie's description: Ellie is about 42 pounds. She is knee height and long and skinny. She has floppy ears and a long face and long tail. She runs super fast and loves to chase anything that moves! She is also very lovey and clingy and loves to be near/cuddle whoever is watching her. Her bark sounds like a 'woof!' and she doesn't howl or whine. When she is antsy or anxious, she makes a very high pitch squeak/whistle sound (which is VERY annoying).

Here are her pictures!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sharing a chair with mom

I go to work with mom. A lot of times I get bored and poke her elbow with my nose for attention. Sometimes she will scoot her chair out enough so that I can try and climb up onto her desk. This time, I just wanted to sit in the chair with her.