Thursday, May 31, 2012


A few days ago, Chris and I decided to take Ellie on the 1-mile walk to his old high school football field to throw the ball. Well, we had such a great time, that we've been there the last three nights in a row! Ellie absolutely loves getting to sprint off-leash since she doesn't get much of an opportunity like this.

Funny story: the very first throw of the first day, Ellie sprints after the ball and once she catches up to it, she does a roll-over on the grass, as though she was trying to show off for us! I think she probably just lost control of her momentum, but it was still hilarious!

She was dog-tired after all the playing. :)
Crashed out
That tongue!
Happy dog

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Sun spot

P.S. I'm going to BlogPaws this year!! Hope to see you there!

Monday, May 21, 2012

My Trip to Nevada (pic heavy)

I had a flight credit from Alaska just sitting in my e-mail inbox since I didn't end up going to NY this past March. Impulsively, I decided to visit my mom for Mother's Day in Nevada. Escape the Seattle rain for some hot Mojave Desert sun!

It was just four days but I experienced lots of adventures! The first day, I rescued their old senior pup who fell into the pool!! My mom said this was the first time this has ever happened. He is so old and oblivious that when he surfaced in the water, he idly started paddling until I jumped in and scooped him out, lol!
Tucker the clueless senior pup
The next day, my mom and I went hiking with her two Rat Terriers. They were pains in my bum, compared to what I'm used to with Ellie being such a great hiking dog. They barked and pulled and tangled their leashes. Oy.

On the way back down, I had Dexter who was sniffing along the side bushes when suddenly I heard a *HISS*. I yanked his leash back and we noticed a rattlesnake! No one was hurt, but upon returning home and doing some internet research, we discovered that it was one of two: either the most venomous rattlesnake, or the kind that has caused the most human bites and deaths in the US! (!!!!!)
Mom and the dogsMe at the top!
The next day, we explored Zion National Park and went hiking, fortunately with no more surprises, although it certainly was an adventure!
View of Zion on the drive in
View from our hike up into Zion
Little critter I found :)
How I spent my last morning with Dexter
Unrelated to the Nevada trip, my sister and I just did (walked :P) a 5k yesterday so Ellie finally got to see her best friend Goldie again! It had been months since they'd seen each other so they were pretty excited. :)
Goldie and Ellie

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sunny Weekend Exploring

This weekend the sun was finally out so we got to have lots of fun! Chris works on Saturdays, so Ellie and I set out on our long walk without him that day.

I had yet to really explore my new neighborhood so we decided to hit the trails and take paths that we'd never been on without any real direction. Those are always the best kinds of walks. :) We ended up walking about 5.4 miles that day!

Sunday, the weather was even nicer, and Chris said that he wanted to show me this really neat park that is nearby. The North Creek Park is a huge expansive wetlands area that is just right down the street from where we live in suburbia and I never even knew about it!

The whole area is a wide open field of water that ranges from 2-5 feet deep, and you walk through it on floating wooden docks! So cool!

Our total walk was a little over 6 miles. We were so tired when we got back that all three of us took naps! Quite the long day!

Also, I managed to capture a video of Ellie after Chris picked a piece of grass and started whistling with it: