Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Change in plans

Life has a crazy way of happening, that's for sure. I will no longer be able to make it to BlogPaws this year, by choice, because something else came up.

I have been selected by Yahoo! as one of their top social media contestants in a promotion they recently ran and they are sending me+1 to New York! Coincidentally, it occurs at the same time as BlogPaws, and sorry DC, but my heart belongs to NYC. Plus I'm super excited about learning about social media through the likes of a giant company like Yahoo!.

Through the month of September I will be begging for your help to click the links that I will subsequently post in hopes of winning the grand prize of a new Macbook Air. The winner is determined by who has the most influence, in other words, who gets the most clicks on their links.

In other news, Ellie gets to spend the next two weeks with Goldie because I'm watching her all this week and then my sister will be watching Ellie next week when I'm in NY. Should be a handful lots of fun.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

BlogPaws 2011: 2 Weeks!

BlogPaws is in two weeks, I'm so excited! Seems like just yesterday that I was at BlogPaws 2010.

This year, it's in Tyson's Corner, VA which is about 20 minutes outside of Washington D.C. It also means that my flight is about as long as possible, across the country from Seattle. While the hotel and event are pet-friendly, I won't be bringing Ellie because I have a fear of putting her in the belly of a plane.

I'm looking forward to meeting Caren from Cat Chat for the first time and seeing Angie from Catladyland again!

Who else is going? :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Backyard BBQ

It's been a while since I've updated this blog! I have been busy baking and updating my other blog, as well as getting outside on lots of walks! This past weekend, we went to a BBQ for which I baked some really fun cupcakes (see below)!

Most recent news: Ellie ate half a stick of butter. Yes, 1/4 cup!
I was baking cupcakes and used a reduced recipe in which I cut off 2 out of 8 tablespoons that are in a stick. After coming back from happy hour, I find the butter wrapper on the floor with only about 2 tablespoons left, so I guess Ellie ate 4 tablespoons before she decided she'd had enough. The good news is that she hasn't thrown up or had any other tummy issues so far!
Tired after playing ball at the BBQ

Click to see more pics!