Monday, May 30, 2011

Volunteer Appreciation Cookies!

I was out walking Ellie this weekend on our usual route. We frequently see dog shelter volunteers jog by in sort of a parade with their neon vests and their smiling shelter dogs, most of them pits or pit mixes.
Gidget, one of the dogs currently available at the Seattle Animal Shelter
Every time I see them, I feel so appreciative because I know that they are at least 2-3 miles from the shelter which means they do a long jog!

Well, today, I saw them and was feeling particularly appreciative. They donate their time and their energy to make sure that these dogs get some extra love and exercise. I wanted to tell them "thank you". I wanted them to know that they are appreciated for all that they do. I wanted to give back.

I don't have the time or a regular schedule to volunteer jogging with the dogs, but I do have a skill that I would be happy to donate. My baking! I decided to make sugar cookies that I could bring to the shelter and give to the volunteers. So tonight, I put my mixer and my oven to work and made these cookies, and tomorrow I will write a thank you note and deliver them to the shelter.
What is your good deed for the week? Pass it on!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ellie and a Frenchie

Getting to come to work with me every day, Ellie has met many French Bulldogs (they seem to be popular pets around here!)

Today she met Bella for the first time who is a puppy somewhere between ages 12-15 weeks, I'm guessing. Bella gave Ellie a run for her money and totally wore her out! Ellie was chasing her at the beginning, but as she got tired, she would just worm around on the ground and allow Bella to climb all over her :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I watched Goldie for my sister since she went out of town this weekend. Ellie loves hanging out with her best doggy friend!

I took them on my 5 mile urban hike yesterday and a 3 mile walk today.
We had a nice sunny day walk which totally tired out the pups (thankfully!)
Goldie crashed out

Ellie says no pictures, please.