Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Tree Cutting Adventures

Today we went on an adventure to get our Christmas tree! We are fortunate that Jon is friends with people who own a Christmas tree farm. They host a party every year and serve hot dogs, hot chocolate, and there are LOTS of yummy cookies brought by all of the guests.

Oh, also they let you find and cut down your own tree!

We bring Ellie because they have a giant yard and it's great for her to run around. A few other people bring their dogs, so it's a great time for everyone.

We found our tree and one for Jon's parents, and as we (he) was tying the trees to the car, I watched in amusement as Ellie chased her new doggy friend Max around the yard. They went nonstop!
The rest is pictures and video, enjoy!

Ellie riding in the car wearing her new seat belt

Jon cutting the tree
Ellie exploring

Ellie chasing Max

Cookie heaven!

The final product!


  1. Love your tree! Looks like a really fun party.

  2. Oh, Ellie: your Christmas tree is amazingly beautiful. Looks like you have so much fun picking it out. A trip worth being buckled in for!

  3. How wonderful! Ellie looks like she had a blast and the tree is just beautiful :)

  4. Your tree looks so pretty! And the expression on Ellie's face in the car is priceless. She has such human expressions!