Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekend Hike and Gotcha Day!

We finally had a beautiful sunny Saturday in Seattle, it was amazing! I'm pretty sure the entire city was outside yesterday, and about a quarter of it was at Mount Si.

Ellie and I hiked up Mount Si which is 8 miles round-trip and a 3150 foot elevation gain. I like to push myself, so in short, Ellie and I both worked our butts off! There was lots of snow the last mile of the hike which was even more of a challenge because it was sure slippery. Of course, Ellie made it look easy.

We ran the whole way down and Ellie crashed out in the car on the drive back. I made a well-deserved stop at Dairy Queen on the way back and Ellie got a doggy cone. :)

And today is Ellie's gotcha day, I got her two years ago! Happy 2 years to my doggylove :)


  1. What a fun hike! And I know I already said it, but yay and happy Gotcha Day! :)

  2. Happy Gotcha day! Sounds like you had a great day.

  3. HAPPY GOTCHA DAY ELLIE!!!! Here is to TONS more! What a wonderful treat after such an exhausting hike, you have a fabulous Mommy! xoxo

  4. A very happy Gotcha Day to Ellie! She has sure brightened up our office days and is such a lovable sweetheart!

    What a fun hike. I need to get that location from you. Would love to take Joe and Jackson there when it warms up again.