Thursday, September 9, 2010

BlogPaws Day 1!

I made it safely to Denver and am sitting in my hotel room, up a little too late as I'm sooooo tired but I have to post pictures so far.
Me in the elevator :)

So I arrived at the hotel and was immediately more excited because of the dog sitting outside, the pictures of dogs inside the hotel, treat jars on the counters, and BlogPaws paw print stickers all over the floor!

Look! A BlogPaw!
The event began and we first just mingled around all of the booths and met lots of people and the sponsors. Not to mention, collected a LOT of free stuff (who knows how I'm going to fit this all in my suitcase on the way home...)

Then there was an opening reception with dinner and a few introductions and a performance! It was awesome! Afterward, I hung out with my fellow video contest winner, Angie (@catladyland) and Janiss (@sparklecat's mom).

Soooo tired, k more tomorrow!
The performance!

Me and Angie

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