Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Secret Santa Present

We did a Secret Santa gift exchange among the pets/pet owners at work and Ellie received her present today! We walked in this morning to find it sitting on my desk, no idea who it's from!

I set the gift down on the floor and there was something good inside because Ellie was giving it a good sniff-over. She even proceeded to open it all by herself!
We got some awesome gifts! A hard bone, a squeaky ball (that will have to wait until we get home) and lots of cookies!
Ellie is already going to town on the bone! Thanks Secret Santa!


  1. Great gifts. That looks like a great bone. That should last all day.

  2. Loved watching Ellie open her present! :)

  3. How cool. She is awesome at opening gifts. What kind of breed to they think she is by the way? I don't think I have ever asked you that but she kind of reminds me of Sagira.
    (can you answer on my blog or email? I forget to check back sometimes.)