Monday, March 4, 2013

Rant: Dumb dog owners

This weekend, I took Ellie for a walk. Well, we were at the end of the walk and close to home when I notice a guy and his leashed dog just standing on the side of the path. I held Ellie's leash close as I usually do, but he was holding the end of his 5-foot leash and (of course) allowed his dog to play pounce at Ellie while we walked by.

Well I don't know how I was holding the leash, but Ellie jumped right back at the dog and my legs got completely tangled up in the leash and I fell down, banging my knee. :(

The other dog owner only muttered "are you alright?" and I said yes. I sat there on the ground for a minute, rubbing my knee and trying to gather my wits while this guy continued to allow his dog to approach Ellie. I had to try and yank her back while I'm still on the ground, injured! What was this guy's deal?!

I finally make my way up to standing so I can walk away and the only other thing the guy says is "got tangled up in the leash or something?"
No offers to help up a fallen female. How rude!


  1. That is so rude. People assume that all dogs want other dogs approaching their dogs. We don't like other dogs getting up in our dogs faces either. What an idiot.

  2. Very rude! I hate that. I agree with Sagira, people assume that all dogs are friendly and want another dog right up in their face. Riley is not always dog friendly to every dog. I hate having to tell people she's not friendly (makes her seem like some kind of monster), but I have to to keep her comfortable!

    Hope your knee heals up fine!! Will you be at the BlogPaws convention in May?? I'm going for the first time. Hope to see you there!

    Elyse (and Riley)