Monday, June 14, 2010

Dogs and deer can't be friends

Today mom realized she's not very good at keeping up with a blog. :\

so i'm trying to step in for her! this weekend we went on a trip to a place called "orcas island" - it was a REALLY long drive, then a long ride on a boat (but i had to sit in the car) and then another long drive! i got to sniff around lots of land, and go to the beach, and put my paws in the cold water, it was really salty and icky!

i also saw lots of dogs with no leash and no moms! i wanted to play with them soooo badly, but mom wouldn't let me off my leash, and then the dogs ran away. oh. also mom says they are called "deer".

anyway, i'm back at moms work now, and i'm bored because there is no one here to play with me. i keep hearing other dogs that get to play and i wanna join them, but when i cry mom just makes me lay in my bed :(

well that's all for now guys! if you wanna see my pics, check out my twitter account twitpics, @ellie_dog

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  1. BOL! Them deer are fun to chase but they scare me when they jump so high!