Thursday, July 8, 2010

A long dog weekend

Hi pals! It's Ellie.
This weekend was extra long for me! Instead of spending 2 days at home, me and mom were at home for FIVE whole days in a row! And let me tell you, I was SO bored by the end of it!

So mom and me didn't go to work on Monday becuz it was her day off for the holiday. That meant that she and boy got to go have fun somewhere while I stayed home :( but luckily I got a long walk that day.

Then Tuesday, mom was real sick. So I didn't get to go to work and see my friends, I just pretty much slept the whole day. But I did get lots of time to tan because mom left the door to the balcony open.

Wednesday, mom was still sick, so I did more sleeping and tanning. But our house started getting really hot and I was panting! Mom pulled out the squirt bottle and tried to squirt my nose, but I chomped at the water every time! It is fun to drink :)

Welp. now we are back at work, and it's good to be back with all of my human and doggie friends. AND i got to meet a baby chocolate lab puppy! I tried to play with her but she just wanted to sleep. Oh well.
signing off!

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