Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New friends and 5 paws

Hi pals, Ellie again! I just wanted to tell you about my day real quick--

Well last night I was chatting on Twitter with my pal @spike_cat and learned about his brother dog Bodhi. I wish I had a cat sibling, that would be so fun! I also chatted with @babypatches who is a cat that likes water!

So first, when we got to work, I saw that I have a new human friend in our area! I was so excited and I let her pet me a lot.
Then later, I climbed up onto her lap. Not sure if she liked that, considering I am over 40 pounds and the humans say I'm "too big to be a lap dog". Psh.

Vote fur me!
Anyway, then mom was surfing Twitter and found the TYDTWD contest that she entered me into, and that you can still vote! So if you have a few seconds, visit my photo and click on 5 purple paws. Thanks for your vote pals :)

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