Monday, October 18, 2010

I ate a fly!

So I was sleeping in my bed, minding my own business. Mom turns around to look at my Mini Schnauzer friend, Batman, and notices that he is fixated on something. Then she sees this huge fly sitting there!

Luckily, she called me out from my bed, and it started moving, so I chased it as fast as I could! It got away the first time, but mom got it to fly over by me again, so I chased it again, and then I got it!

CHOMP! Down the hatch.

That fly is done-for.

Mom and her coworkers made a lot of sounds, like "ewww". I dunno what they are talking about.

The fly looked kinda like this, but a little bigger!
I went back to that corner where I caught the fly to see if there were any more of them, but nope.


  1. Ahh! No fly paper could compare to the sheer determination of a canine looking for a good chase and a good source of protein : )