Monday, December 13, 2010

The Results are in! Ellie's DNA broken down

A little while back, I got the opportunity to do a DNA test on Ellie. The shelter told me GSD mix but I had my suspicions since she has a very thin coat, is very small, and doesn't have the droopy hindside. By the lean look of her body, I had always thought Whippet mix.

Well test #1 results come back:
"In the mix - English Coonhound, Rottweiler, Pug"

Pug? ...
Oh well, I'll take it. Rottweiler somewhat explains her coloring.

A little later, I got another opportunity to perform a DNA test on Ellie through a different company. The results just came back a few nights ago and I'm excited to share that I was right!

Test #2 results:
Grandparents: Rottweiler + Cocker Spaniel Mix, Whippet Mix + Mixed Breed

So I would like to believe that this second test was more accurate. Plus they send you a really neat diagram that includes breed info so that you can learn a little more about the breeds that are supposedly in your dog. I would definitely recommend the Wisdom Panel DNA test! (Click the image below to see the full sized diagram)
Click to see the diagram larger


  1. This is awesome. May be a sign that you posted this since one of my neighbors, JUST THIS MORNING, recommended I do this for one of my dogs. Hhhhmmm....seriously considering it now : )

    Was Ellie happy with the results?: )

  2. You should! The wisdom panel one is only like $60 right now

  3. I definitely see Rott and Whippet. :) Pug? Not way.

  4. Amazing how you get two different results.....I think it's really interesting to find out the DNA on a mixed breed dog, it can explain a lot :)

  5. @Annette and Snoopy, isn't it crazy? You'd think there are the prominent breeds in the DNA that would come out the same every time!

  6. That is so, so cool!! Yeah, Pug?? I think not.

  7. Really cool! I want to do one for Bella...

  8. Very neat. I would love to do on one Sagira. People are always asking what she is.

  9. Well now I feel silly. I read this and didn't even remember it.