Sunday, December 19, 2010

Yappy Hour Meetup

Happy dog
This morning, we went to my mom's for breakfast where Ellie got to play with my mom's Rat Terrier, Jaxson. They are both high energy so it was lots of fun for them.

I had gotten an e-mail from the Seattle Active Dogs meetup group about a Yappy Hour at Carnation Golf Course which is a long drive from our apartment, but relatively close to my mom's, so we all decided to go there together since the weather is absolutely beautiful today!

Well we got there 30-45 minutes after it started so there were lots of dogs when we got there, but it quickly cleared out. No worries though, because Ellie still had a blast running all over the golf course! The course was closed to golfers because it was super muddy and wet.
Ellie chases Jaxson

Ellie came back a muddy, happy, tired mess and she has a date with the bath tub later ;)

Update: My mom just e-mailed me pictures that she took with her nice camera.
Action shot!
Water break


  1. Love the action shot!! Nothing better than watching your dog run like that off lead! FREEDOM!!


  2. Wow!!!! What an AMAZING time you had!!! I am sooo happy!

  3. Wow, they got full fun of the whole golf course? What an awesome idea! It looks like Ellie and Jaxson had fun, and that action shot of Ellie is cool!