Monday, July 11, 2011

Ellie, My Hero

Last night I was shutting my bathroom door, which is a sliding door, when suddenly a spider about the size of a quarter drops down on a thread from the top of the door. It landed on the floor and while I was processing the act of getting my vacuum, it quickly started scurrying around on the bathroom floor. This thing was quick!

I jumped out of the bathroom, thinking that maybe the carpet was like hot lava to spiders and that it would stay on the linoleum. Knowing I didn't have enough time to grab the vacuum (because the spider would probably hide somewhere and then I wouldn't know where it is and be freaked out all night long) I quickly called Ellie over.

She loves to chase flies and other bugs so I knew she'd be up for this challenge. She quickly got to pouncing on the thing, which evaded her attacks a couple of times. Finally, she snatched it up in her mouth, chomped on it a couple of times and then swallowed. I could tell the thing was putting up a fight inside her mouth because she was making movements with her tongue as though she was trying to force it down.

Still shaking from fear, I brought Ellie over to the pantry where I gave her a huge treat to wash that disgusting thing down. She saved my life!
"What? What'd I do?"


  1. OMG She IS a hero!!! What a brave girl!!!!!!! you sound like me when you said you would have been "freaked all night" if you didn't know where it was, I would be the same

  2. BOL! You're mom sounds like my mom. My mom is TERRIFIED of spiders.

  3. < Your even instead of You're...typing to fast. GRR

  4. Aw, Ellie is quite the hero!

  5. Ewwwwww!!! I can't believe Ellie ate it and that it actually fought her INSIDE her mouth!! Gross! She is a trooper!