Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ellie's New Ball

Ellie comes to work with me every day. Our next-cubicle neighbor brings her dog Stella who is a small black lab that is good friends with Ellie. We let them play once in a while, but Ellie is a very vocal player.

So for all the rest of the day that Ellie is trapped at my desk, she needs something else to do. I got her this green ball. It's rubbery and bouncy and smells like mint!

What's really fun is that it has holes in it which means I can squeeze some treats in there and it keeps Ellie busy trying to get them out.

Unfortunately while I was writing this post, she chewed out a huge chunk of it because the treats wouldn't come out. *wah wah*


  1. thats what you must do to get those darn treats
    Benny & Lily