Monday, November 7, 2011

The Tail of the Bad Dog

Look at this face:

Innocent looking, right?
Ellie has not been a good dog lately.

It all started a month or two ago. I noticed that she grabbed a stick of butter from the counter while I was out. I chuckled to myself when imagining how it must have happened, but easily dismissed it.

Fast forward to a week ago.

I had one and a half sticks of butter on the counter (I always keep sticks out for baking). I return home and notice that there is only one stick. Where did the half go? With absolutely no sign of it, I assume Ellie must have eaten it whole, wrapper included.

The next day, I return home to find a mangled stick of butter on the kitchen floor.

Okay. I am learning. It's time to push the butter further back on the counter so that she can't reach it. It's my fault.
Where I used to keep the butter

Unfortunately, I'm so used to keeping the butter in it's place, so I accidentally put it back in its usual spot after baking, and lo and behold, Ellie grabs hold of it again. Only this time, she accompanied her butter lunch with five or six peanut butter cookies for dessert! (Mind you, her tummy is completely fine and I haven't experienced any throwing up or diarrhea issues during any of these incidents) And yes, the cookies were my fault for leaving them on the coffee table (d'oh!).

Finally this morning I get smart and consciously push the butter further back on the counter before leaving for the gym. This is where I put it:
I get back to the gym to find a whole stick with teeth marks and this on the floor:
So now the room temperature butter lives on top of the fridge and this little doggy is in big trouble.


  1. Hahahahah...awesome. Such a doggy story!!

  2. are you sure her name isn't Paula Deen?

    "Everything is better with BUTTER"


  3. Ruh roh...someone is in trouble. We have a Weimaraner and they are the ultimate counter surfers so all of our stuff is put away.

  4. How did she get it from that far back?? Ava must be sneaking her lessons. I can't believe she hasn't got sick yet. Especially with her tendency to throw up. Silly puppy.

  5. OMG... lost it when I read Caren's comment! Maybe Ellie has been watching too much Paula Deen!

  6. Uh oh. But she's too cute to get into trouble.