Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Low-fat dog treats

Ellie has been on a diet lately what with her latest charades and also putting on some weight due to her eye condition. So when I received the offer to sample dog treats from Chewy.com, I was a bit hesitant. I let them know that she is on a diet, and was delightfully surprised when the treats arrived: Fromm Cranberry Liver Recipe

I've been into healthier eating lately, and that means cutting out processed foods and ingredients we can't pronounce. I feel very good about treating Ellie with these little biscuits because the only ingredients listed on the label are wheat flour, cranberries, chicken liver, salt, and garlic powder! Nothing crazy and unpronounceable.

Needless to say, she chomped them right down, but I must also mention that Chris tried them too. I would never do it because dog snacks aren't my cup of tea, but he said they were not bad!

Thanks, Chewy.com for the Fromm dog treats!


  1. Glad Ellie liked them! Chewy.com sent us some of the exact same treats to review, but I've gotten really busy and haven't given them to Riley yet...I'll have to tell her that her friend, Ellie, liked them!

    Elyse and Riley