Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mt. Si Adventures and Hungry Dogs

Ellie checking things out
Today, Ellie and I went on a long hike at Mount Si which is about a 45 minute drive from Seattle. It was a warm day at about 70 degrees, but with the intensity of the hike, I was sweating, and Ellie was panting, like crazy!

The whole hike is 8 miles round trip with a 3150 ft elevation gain.

So the hike itself was fun, tiring, interesting. We met so many dogs and I was amazed at how nice they all were! Every single dog we passed (except one that was in the arms of its owner) sniffed noses with Ellie and they were all so surprisingly pleasant. Usually on our hikes, we'll get a couple of dogs that growl or lunge at her, but not today. Maybe people are finally learning to only bring socialized dogs out hiking :)

When we made it to the top of the hike, Ellie and I sat and ate some snacks. I saw a few Vizslas sitting on a rock nearby with some people and thought that they were super cute, maybe a little underweight, but nothing more.
Skinny lost dogs on the mountain

Later, some people walked by and noted aloud how cute the dogs were, and the people next to the dogs said "yes, they are cute, but they're not ours. We can't find the owners."

No wonder they looked so skinny! As it turned out, they got hold of the owners and the dogs had been missing for two days. They live near the trailhead so the dogs must have wandered off and followed some hikers up the mountain. Poor babies! I offered them Ellie's last Milkbone and treats, feeling bad that I didn't have more to give. They quickly gobbled them up.

Mama and her son cuddling
Once I learned that the other hikers were going to bring the dogs down to the owners at the bottom of the mountain, I felt better and continued to explore what I thought was the top. After Ellie and I climbed a bunch of rocks, I realized that there's what's called the "haystack" which is another 300 foot rock climb!! "I have to go up there!" I thought to myself.
The "haystack". If you could see the people at the top, they would be little dots.

We followed some trails and climbed up some rocks until we reached the base of this "haystack". As I looked up, I realized that it had quickly turned from a hike to a straight rock-climb. I knew I could spider my way up there, and Ellie might be able to manage as she's pretty resilient.... but I worried about the descent. A 4-legger going face-first down a steep rocky mountain didn't sound safe. So we turned around (I'll have to go back there without Ellie sometime).
View from the top (iPhone doesn't do justice)
After the hike, I went to my mom's where Ellie got to play with my mom's dogs and my sister's dog. I got to eat some yummy dinner :)
Now I'm expecting sore legs tomorrow!

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  1. Sounds like a great hike! I have been wanting to go up there as well...might just have to plan on it sooner than later, the photos from up there look amazing! Glad the dogs were returned to their owners! :)