Monday, September 26, 2011

Crazy Kitty

Saturday was sunny and I wanted to get outside so Chris and I were going to take Ellie to pick blueberries. Unfortunately, the season is over and all of the blueberries were over-ripe so we left empty-handed.

Later that day, I was walking Ellie up his street by myself when we spotted an orange cat. Ellie immediately became excited at the thought of a new friend to play with/chase. The cat did not return her sentiments, but was standing with an arched back, poised to defend itself.
As I slowly walked Ellie up the sidewalk in the general direction of the cat, the cat began to slowly walk towards us, hissing and with its back arched. Ellie became even more excited to be getting closer to her new friend while I became more nervous and decided to retreat.

Walking back the other direction, I noticed that the cat continued on its path toward us. I realized that this thing was ready to fight with Ellie to defend its territory! I picked up my pace until we got far enough away that the cat stopped following us.

So I'm glad to conclude this blog post by saying that Ellie is unscathed after that day.

What probably would have happened: Cat charges Ellie to tell her to go away; Ellie gets in play stance and tries to play with the cat; cat swats at Ellie and scratches her face; Ellie realizes that she is being attacked and fights back. Both animals come away severely wounded. Stacy has to explain to cat's owner what happened.


  1. This is really scary! I hope your still doing great! :)

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  2. Wow! I'm glad it turned out okay.

  3. Wow, what a scary kitty. Glad no one was injured and all land was defended. :)