Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Give us a click!

Friends, we need your help! Please click links that I post on Twitter labeled with #yinsider. And share with others who would be able to help!

Background: I'm in a contest running against 9 other people that has to do with the Yahoo! trip that I took a few weeks back. Each week, we share trending news topics and at the end of 6 weeks of link sharing, they tally up the number of total clicks each person got to determine the winner. Basically, whoever is most influential or best at sharing the news is the winner. The grand prize is $5,000 and a new laptop!

If you guys help me win the grand prize, I will donate $1,000 of that to a pet charity!

Please share any of the links that you find interesting (using the shortened bitly link so the tracking doesn't get lost). Thank you so much for the help!


  1. I did some clicking also. Good luck, I hope you win! :)