Friday, January 13, 2012

Pawesome Prizes from PetSafe

We entered a giveaway from PetSafe over the holidays and won some awesome prizes! This giant box mysteriously showed up yesterday and I had no idea what it was until I saw that it was addressed to Stacy and Ellie. Our prizes are here!
The box was as big as Ellie! (and she did not like standing there for this photo)
We got a heated pet bed! Looks a little small?

Also a couple of toys and treats and a filtering fountain!
Ellie's favorite was the squeaky toy which she took before I could get it out of the packaging!

It was quickly chewed to bits. Though somehow, the squeaker is still intact.

There were these special contraptions that dogs can lick for days and days because yummy bacon flavored liquid keeps coming out!

Well, maybe Ellie can fit in that bed. :)

Thank you so much PetSafe for the incredible gifts!
If you've never been to PetSafe's website, I encourage you to check them out because they have some awesome and innovative pet products - lots of necessity type of stuff, not just frilly toys and treats!


  1. What a CUTE post!!!

    I have never visited PetSafe but based on your recommendation I will definitely check them out.

    Ellie made me laugh chewing up that toy, she needs to hook up with Dakota, he is the same! lol

    Must be nice to have a dog that sleeps in a BED!! I have bought Dakota soooooooo many beds and he refuses to use any of them. He chooses to sleep on the carpet or the hard floor. Strange dog! Cody takes over all of Dakota's unused beds lol

    Have a great weekend! Hope to see you at the BlogPawty!

  2. What fun! You got a heated bed?!!! I am so jello! Great stuff from PetSafe :) Yay fur y'all! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  3. Stacy and Ellie, We are so glad you like your prizes!! We loved your contest entry. Keep in touch! We hope you will participate in contests, product reviews, etc. in the future!

  4. Wow, those were some REALLY nice prizes. Congrats on your win. I love that she makes herself fit in the bed that might be just a little too small. haha. Sagira's favorite would have been the squeaky toy as well. We use the Lickty Sticks as well.