Monday, August 9, 2010

Walkie Weekend

This weekend wasn't too much out of the ordinary. I took Ellie on our usual long walk through the park (somewhere around 3 miles round trip I'm guessing) on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. On Sunday, she got lucky and got a bonus walk in the afternoon because I happened to be in the mood to get more exercise :)

On Saturday, we came back from our walk and checked the mail, and to my delight, there was a package for me, from @iLoveDogsInc! I had participated in their #WoofWednesday giveaway, and won, so I was excited to see my prize!

We rushed up to the apartment and sat on the floor to open it up. I told Ellie, "this is for you! What is it?" to get her all hyped up.

After opening, I dumped it out to find a leash, a key chain lanyard, a pen, a ball (which Ellie went straight toward), a mini Frisbee, and some doggie supplements.

Ellie dug into the ball and broke/killed it within minutes. But I switched her poo bag dispenser over to the new purple leash, which is super cute!

My boyfriend told me I should start looking for contests to enter in which I can win things for myself (because I seem to always only enter dog/pet contests and giveaways).

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