Monday, September 6, 2010

Snuggly blankie

Happy Labor Day weekend! Gosh I love long weekends... there is so much time to do what I need to do (clean) and also do what I want to do.

Jon and I took Ellie hiking yesterday to Rattlesnake Ledge. We also brought my sister and her dog Goldie. It was my sister's birthday so we treated her to a birthday Blizzard at Dairy Queen afterward. :)
Action shot of Ellie and Jon hiking

I have been wanting to buy or make a blanket for Ellie because she always snuggles with blankets when they are left on the floor. So today, I made a trip to the fabric store and bought some fleece to make Ellie her very own blanket!

It was really easy to make, except for the part where Ellie kept coming and laying down on the blanket while I was working on it! At least she took to it right away :)
Now I'm off to finish making my homemade boiled bagels-- YUM!
Ellie kept bringing her toy on the blanket while I was trying to work on it
Ellie burrito!
The finished product!

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