Sunday, September 26, 2010

We met 2 Ellies!

I took Ellie to the dog park today, and wouldn't you know, we saw not one but TWO dogs that looked so similar to Ellie! I got pictures of both, but unfortunately I didn't realize that my phone cover slid up so the second two pictures are a little fuzzy.

The first dog we saw had an identical body but slightly shorter/smaller. Her face was a little different, but still very alike!
Hey, you look like me!
We ate grass together

Then we saw another dog that looks like Ellie! She was a little bit bigger and much more muscular as she had about 30 pounds on Ellie! Fun times at the park running into twins. :)

Afterward, we went to Dairy Queen so I could pick up a couple of Blizzards for Jon and myself. I also grabbed a doggy cone for Ellie which she delightfully devoured.

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  1. How funny! I wonder if dogs see resemblances...probably not. It's not like they spend time in front of a mirror. How funny for us people, though!